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IIBA CBAP CCBA ECBA Business Analysis Certifications Course (online)

Specialized Business Analysis Training

Learn key concepts, 6 knowledge areas & 30 business analysis tasks as per IIBA BABOK Guide version 3.0



IIBA Business Analysis Certification course provides a well structured approach to help you learn concepts of IIBA BABOK Guide version 3.0 and appear for IIBA CBAP/ CCBA certification or ECBA certificate exam.


This course can get you 7 PD (professional development) hours for ECBA application.


The course covers business analysis key concepts, underlying competencies and 30 business analysis tasks grouped in 6 knowledge areas such as Business Analysis Planning & Monitoring, Elicitation & Collaboration, Requirements Life Cycle Management, Strategy Analysis, Requirements Analysis & Design Definition, and Solution Evaluation. 


This course is for all levels, that is beginner to advanced level and hence suitable for students, new graduates and professionals (with business or domain experience) who are learning and developing business analysis skills and want a career in business analysis. This course is also suitable for experienced business analysts as well as managers who manage business analysts.


This course is ideal for those who want to learn business analysis concepts of IIBA BABOK Guide (version 3.0) but do not want to spend hundreds of dollars. With this course, you will be able to learn concepts at your own pace and align your business analysis knowledge and/or experience to IIBA BABOK Guide, and appear for IIBA CBAP/ CCBA certification or ECBA certificate exam.


The whole course will take about 7 hours to complete (excluding quizzes).


You will be able to attempt quiz at the end of each section (knowledge area) to check your understanding and reinforce learning. You will also be able to download PDF files that will be useful to remember concepts and appear for IIBA CBAP/ CCBA certification or ECBA certificate exam. 


Please note that chapter 10, of BABOK guide (v3.0) describes, 50 most commonly used business analysis techniques. As it is difficult, to provide explanation (with examples) for these many techniques in an online course, lectures on use of these techniques are excluded as they apply to each business analysis tasks.  However, participants would be able to study use of techniques from the provided downloadable PDF file.

What Will I Learn?

  • Align your business analysis knowledge and/or experience with BABOK Guide version 3.0

  • Save time and hundreds of dollars (as compared to other courses in market)

  • Learn concepts at your own pace and time

Want to assess your IIBA Exam Preparation?

Attempt IIBA CCBA / ECBA Practice Tests 



  • Beginner to expert level knowledge and/or experience in Business Analysis


  • 7 hours on-demand video
  • Supplemental Resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion by Udemy
  • ECBA Practice Test (#3, worth $25)

Who is the target audience?


  • Students enrolled in business analysis academic programs
  • New graduates who are learning and developing business analysis skills
  • Experienced Business Analyst
  • Professionals with business or domain experience who want to change career into business analysis
  • Managers who manage Business Analysts

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About IIBA Certifications in Business Analysis


From September 2016, IIBA has launched 4 level enhanced business analysis certification framework.


The enhanced business analysis certification framework has expanded scope in terms of business analysis practiced at all levels in an organization, that is, at operational level, at strategic level, and at the tactical or traditional project level. 


This framework evaluates competencies of business analysts at multiple levels. This framework guides and prepares for the next level as a Business Analyst gains more experience, knowledge and competencies. This framework provides support for complete career progression from entry through to retirement. Hence, this is truly a certification framework by business analysts for business analysts.



Level 1 - Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA)


ECBA recognizes individuals entering the business analysis profession. 


The target audience includes students enrolled in business analysis academic programs, new graduates from other disciplines who are learning and developing business analysis skills. The target audience also includes functional managers who manage business analysts and professionals with business or domain experience but no experience as Business Analyst and who wants to transition or change career into business analysis. 


ECBA does not have any prerequisite in terms of business analysis work experience. ECBA is good for you if you do not have Business Analysis experience or are new to the profession. ECBA will only test applicant’s knowledge and will set foundation for competency development in business analysis. 


ECBA does not require periodic recertification.



Level 2 - Certification of Capability in Business Analysis (CCBA)


CCBA recognizes BA practitioner who are result oriented and who actually perform the business analysis work. These individuals may or may not have official title as business analysts but have experience and skills to perform business analysis work. 


CCBA has prerequisite of 2 to 3 years of experience in business analysis. CCBA is suitable for business analysts working at any level within an organization such operational, strategic or in projects. CCBA is also suitable for project managers, testers and quality assurance analysts who perform business analysis work along with their primary responsibilities and have enough BA hours to qualify. 


CCBA will test applicant’s knowledge as well as experience in business analysis in form of a scenario based exam. The situation based questions are designed to test your competencies and ability to apply experience in a given situation to choose the best course of action. These are practical questions that will test what a BA performs on a daily basis to validate your business analysis experience.


CCBA requires periodic recertification.




Level 3 - Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) 


CBAP is a gold standard certification. CBAP recognizes seasoned senior Business Analysts who look at bigger picture to lead and guide business analysis work at operational, strategic or on projects of various sizes and complexities and are responsible for delivering business value. 


CBAP has prerequisite of minimum 5 years of experience in business analysis. 


CBAP will test applicant’s expertise in business analysis in form of a case study based exam. The case study based questions will test your skills and ability to lead and guide business analysis work. The questions are designed to test practical application of your expertise and guidance in solving or addressing more complex and unstructured business challenges or opportunities. 


Please note that it is not necessary to go all the way from level 1 (ECBA) to level 2 (CCBA) and from level 2 (CCBA) to level 3 (CBAP). You can attempt for any level if you are meeting prerequisites for that level. Any level up to level 3 (CBAP) can be taken directly and exam would be as per that level.


CBAP requires periodic recertification.




Level 4 - Certified Business Analysis Thought Leader (CBATL)


CBATL is a new highest level certification introduced in the enhanced business analysis certification framework.  


CBATL certification recognizes BA professionals who are experts in the BA field or are industry thought leaders and are involved in advancing the BA profession by giving back to the BA community and also contribute to the evolution of the BA practice. 


CBATL has prerequisite of minimum 10 years of experience in business analysis. 


CBATL will not have any exam and would be based on assessment of applicant’s overall experience and contributions to the BA community.