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Specialized Business Analysis Training

Fundamentals of Use Case Modelling Course

Fundamentals of Business Analysis Course

  • Learn Business Analysis concepts using hands-on case-study based approach
  • Build solid knowledge based foundation to become a Business Analyst
  • Learn 10+ business analysis techniques 

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IIBA CBAP CCBA ECBA Business Analysis Certification Course

Fundamentals of Use Case Modelling Course

Advanced concepts in Use Case Modelling Course

  • Understand business analysis concepts and tasks specified in the IIBA BABOK Guide v3.0

  • Align your business analysis knowledge and/or experience with BABOK Guide version 3.0

  • Prepare for globally recognized IIBA CBAP/ CCBA Certification or ECBA certificate exam

$70 $200 Read More 

  • Understand benefits of Use Cases 
  • Write detailed Use Case Descriptions and Scenarios
  • Understand essence of Use Case Modelling and create Use Case Diagrams

$10​ $70  Read More

  • Understand the need for using Relationships between Use Cases
  • Write detailed Use Case Descriptions using Include, Extend & Generalization Relationships
  • Identify and mitigate security threats using Misuse Cases and Security Use Cases

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Advanced Concepts in Use Case Modelling
IIBA CBAP CCBA Business Analyst Certification Course
Fundamentals of Business Analysis Course

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Fundamentals of Requirements Elicitation

Fundamentals of Requirements Elicitation Course

  • Learn to elicit requirements using various fundamental techniques 
  • Learn to elicit requirements using a case study of three animated mock interviews 
  • Learn about steps in elicitation and challenges encountered in elicitation

$10​ $70  Read More